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Swanson Harp Company occasionally has used harps of various makes available for sale. Most of the time, Swanson Harp Company has done major work on these harps, and they will always be in excellent condition. If you are interested in buying a used harp, please contact us.

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This is a gorgeous top of the line Venus Aria. The harp is two years old and is in perfect condition.
This gold 23 came out of the factory in November 1957 and has had just one owner. It has never had any repair work and is in perfect condition.
This style 23 gold came out of the factory on December 12, 1946 and was sold to a professional harpist who has been its only owner. The harp is in excellent structural condition
This harp was built in 1965 and belonged for many years to a professional harpist who used it for symphony work.
This harp was built in December of 1963. The original owner, who is selling it now, was a student of the great Alice Chalifoux, and it was Alice who picked it out for her.
This harp is being sold by the original owner. She is downsizing and moving to a retirement community and arthritis in her hands makes it impossible to play any more.
This style 23 natural Lyon & Healy is 10 years old and is in brand new condition. Honestly, it doesn’t have a single mark on it. The gold crown adds a really elegant touch.
This is a gorgeous semi-gilded Empire Swanson harp in perfect condition. The soundboard is brand new as well as all of the gold ormolu decoration.
This lovely semi-grand instrument, built in 1921, has just undergone a complete rebuilding and is in beautiful condition.
This beautiful instrument was completed on December 2, 1927. The simple decoration is elegant and the swirls on the column are a particularly nice, and unique touch. We have never seen that before.
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