Swanson Empire, #200, in an antique maple stain.

This harp is being sold by the original owner. She is downsizing and moving to a retirement community and arthritis in her hands makes it impossible to play any more.

This harp was built in 1998 and has been lovingly cared for. It is in superb condition, with a gorgeous responsive sound. The original owner chose the Empire model, but did not want any gold ormolu decoration. The harp is being sold in its current state with no decoration. But the gold ormolu decoration could be added if the new owner wanted it. Either way, it’s a great instrument that is a pleasure to play. The close up picture of the neck shows the Swanson front action plate that extends into the kneeblock, which adds enormous strength and stability to the neck. This feature is unique to Swanson harps.

On sale at US$12,000

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Excerpts from the Concertstucke for harp and orchestra, by Gabriel Pierne.