Wurlitzer DDX #1105

This magnificent instrument was the most ornate and beautiful of all of the harps that the Wurlitzer Company made.

Heavily carved and fully gilded, it was their top of the line model. The front action plate says Wurlitzer Orchestral Grand, and there is elaborate decorative etching on the back action plate as well.

The Wurlitzer serial number list has been lost and so we don't know the exact date of the instrument. But this serial number is a high one and it most likely was built in the early to mid- 1930's. It is a 47 string Concert grand, and it has been carefully and lovingly restored to its original condition and appearance.

The soundboard and neck are new, the action has been completely cleaned, polished, and re-riveted, and the gilding has been restored with 24 karat gold. The non-gilded parts of the instrument have been finished in a high gloss hand rubbed lacquer. The body shell and the neck have spectacular tiger maple veneers.

This is the harp for someone who appreciates carving, gilding, and craftsmanship at its best.
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