Wurlitzer #914

This harp is identical to Wurlitzer 736 which is listed below and which sold recently. It is available to rent with the option to buy.

Here is a great opportunity to buy a carved and gilded harp at a very affordable price. While the Wurlitzer serial numbers have been lost, the low number on this one indicates that it was probably built between 1910 and 1915. It stands 66 inches tall and has 43 strings(F to f) and would make a great instrument for a child, a smaller adult, or a professional looking for a very decorative instrument that is easy to move. The string spacing is not narrower as is often the case on smaller instruments. Wurlitzer made the very intelligent decision to leave off one extra string at the bottom end and keep the spacing the same as a larger harp.
This harp is available to rent with option to buy.

Price: US $13,450

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