Wurlitzer Semi-Grand, #1168

This is one of the most beautiful harp designs we have ever seen, and one of the most unusual. The model is a style BB and it was made sometime in the 1920’s and was purchased by Swanson Harp Company, in very dilapidated state, about 4 years ago. It has since been carefully restored and is now in excellent condition.

The neck and soundboard are both new, the baseframe was replaced, the body to which the soundboard is attached was repaired and reinforced, the action was cleaned and reriveted, and the action plates polished and relacquered. All of the brass hardware(discs, adjustable nuts, stationary nuts, etc.) have been gold plated. The column, pedestal, baseboard, and feet have been regilded with 24 karat gold leaf, and the body and pedestal refinished.

The tone on this instrument is gorgeous and the regulation perfect.

Price: US $28,900

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