Swanson Semi-Gilded Empire #188

This is a gorgeous semi-gilded Empire Swanson harp in perfect condition. The soundboard is brand new as well as all of the gold ormolu decoration. The finish was also spiffed up a bit and this instrument is now indistinguishable from a brand new instrument.

A unique feature of all Swanson harps is the front action plate that extends into the kneeblock. This gives the neck enormous additional strength and virtually eliminates the chance of the neck breaking. It also makes the neck much more stable, so that the harp holds its tuning and regulation much better.

The sound is gorgeous and the pedals move as smooth as glass. This instrument will look stunning in your home or at any job that you play. With proper care it will provide many years of pleasure and dependable use.

This harp is a concert grand with 47 strings and extended soundboard. This is a chance to buy an excellent Swanson harp at enormous savings.

Price: US $19,500

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