Lyon & Healy Style 18, #817

The style 18 is one of the earliest models that Lyon & Healy made. The records have been lost for these early instruments, but it’s serial number indicates that it was built sometime in the early or mid-1890’s. It is the same size as the style 14, standing 66 inches tall without a crown, and weighing about 63 pounds. Like the 14, it has 43 strings, E to E.

This harp belonged to the famous jazz harpist Daphne Helman. She kept it at her country home on Long Island. It may have been her childhood instrument. It has recently been completely restored. The restoration included a new neck and soundboard, new baseboard, baseframe repair and reinforcement, action overhaul, extensive repairs to the pedestal including a new hoop at the back, and complete refinishing of the whole instrument. It has been carefully restored to its original condition and will be trouble free for many years with good care. The sound is lovely.

Price: US $14,900

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