Lyon & Healy Style 12, #2334

The style 12 was the smallest pedal harp that Lyon & Healy ever made. It stands just 62 inches tall, including the crown, and weighs about 50 pounds. It has 41 strings, low G to high E. This instrument was originally completed on October 11, 1921. It has recently undergone a major restoration, which included a new neck, an action overhaul, a new baseboard, reinforcement of the base frame, repairs to the pedestal, and complete refinishing. The soundboard was not replaced and is in excellent condition. This harp is now in superb condition and will provide many years of carefree use if properly taken care of. The sound is lovely.

There is no modern equivalent to this little gem. The fluted column has gorgeous carving on the top and bottom ends, and is topped by a metal crown. The front feet are cats paws. For someone who wants a small pedal harp and loves classic decoration, this is the answer to your prayers.

Price: US $12,900

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