Lyon & Healy, Style 12, #1651

The style 12 was the smallest pedal harp that Lyon and Healy ever made, and they were made in the 1920's and '30's.

This particular instrument was made around 1920. This model received the same exquisite attention to detail that made Lyon & Healy famous, and today these instruments are valued for their beautiful construction and hand carving, which is unavailable on any other small pedal harp.

This harp stands 66 1/4 inches tall and has 43 strings(Low E to high E). It was beautifully restored several years ago and is in excellent condition. It was re-bronzed at the time of rebuilding and presents a beautifulappearance.

Maybe you have a child who is just not big enough for a larger instrument. Or perhaps you are a smaller framed adult. Even a professional harpist who needs a gig harp that is easy to move and still has eye-catching appealcould use this instrument.

Price: US $12,900

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