Lyon & Healy #4111-23

This style 23 gold came out of the factory on December 12, 1946 and was sold to a professional harpist who has been its only owner. The harp is in excellent structural condition. The neck was replaced a number of years ago and is in fine condition. The soundboard is original and in perfect condition as well. The harp has just undergone a base frame repair.

Like any harp moved for decades before the advent of harp carts, column and base covers, and transport covers, the gold is showing it’s age. It will be up to the new owner to decide whether or not to repair the gilding or leave it as is. But this harp has a big gorgeous sound, and any harpist who buys it, student or professional, is going to fall in love with its sound and ease of playing. It’s a wonderful instrument.

Price: US$18,900

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