Makers of Fine Pedal & Lever Harps

Swanson Harp Company grew out of Carl Swanson’s own repair business, which was started in the mid 1970’s. The Company has been repairing all makes of harps since it was founded in 1990. Here are some reasons to choose us to repair your harp:

Your harp will be repaired in a small workshop setting, with repairs customized to your instrument.

Our methods are the same ones we use on our new Swanson harps, continuing the traditional methods used on harps 100 years ago, giving you a stronger and more stable instrument.

We use hand selected Sitka Spruce for our soundboards, giving you a big resonant sound and a strong soundboard.

Our neck material is reinforced with Carbon fiber, giving your harp greater strength and stability.

Our world-wide reputation for excellence in harp repair rests on over 30 years experience in successfully restoring fine harps.

We use traditional restoration and finishing techniques, and work with highly skilled traditional gilders to bring your harp back to life, so that it will look as good as it will sound.
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