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Your Swanson La Scuola harp will convey a feeling of simple elegance in a modern, lean design, which emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood. This model is built with all of the precision and musical performance of our more highly decorated harps. You will love the sleek look and feel of this instrument.

Technical Specifications
  • 47 string concert grand size
  • approximately 76 pounds
  • 72 inches tall
  • High gloss finish, and highly polished action plates, with all brass hardware gold plated.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced neck material for extra strength and stability
  • Available in Cordovan, Red Mahogany, Walnut, Ebony, & Antique maple

Price of standard model: US $21.900
Optional features:
  • Decal on soundboard: +US $450
  • Walnut beads on soundboard edges: +US $790
  • Gilding on neck flutes, edge of baseboard, and crown: +US $1,200
Shipping in continental USA: about $400
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La Scoula in Antique Maple Stain

la Scoula in Walnut Stain

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