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Professional harpists know: a quality harp makes you sound better, makes a better impression on your audience, and makes your performances easier.

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Lighter than other concert grand pedal harps, Swanson harps are easier to move, and easier on your back and shoulders. Because they were designed by a harpist, they feel ‘just right,’ are easy to play, have smooth, light pedals, and a big projecting sound.

All of our models are built to the same high technical standards. They all have solid maple base frames reinforced with steel so they will never come apart. They all have carbon fiber reinforced necks for greater strength and stability. They all have hand selected sitka spruce soundboards for superior evenness of sound. And they all have gorgeous hand rubbed finishes.While each quality Swanson harp shares these same specifications, the outward appearance of each Swanson harp model is unique. None of our models will be mistaken as copies of other, overused designs. We offer four original designs to inspire your musical expression.

Whether your taste is for a streamlined modern harp (La Scuola), the dramatic (Semi-Gilded Empire), the sumptuous (Fully Gilded Empire) or an artistic tour de force (The Art Nouveau), Swanson Harp Company has something distinctive for you.
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