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This harp surely ranks among the most original and stunning harp designs of the last 100 years. This superb instrument, which was introduced at the American Harp Society’s 2004 National Conference, was designed and entirely hand carved by renowned master carver Will Neptune. This harp is a museum quality musical instrument. If you are looking for something of exceptional artistry, then this may be the instrument for you.

Technical Specifications
  • 47 string concert grand size
  • approximately 88 pounds
  • 72 inches tall
  • Completely hand carved
  • Hand finished in French polish over naturally colored shellac. Matte finished action plates, with gold plated discs and adjustable nuts.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced neck material for extra strength and stability
  • Available in Antique Maple finish

Price of standard model: US $46,000
Shipping in continental USA: about $400
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