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In a new edition from Carl Fischer Music, with all of the corrections listed in
Carl Swanson’s landmark articles in the Journal of the American Harp Society.

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Almost 100 years after the first publication of Debussy’s Sonate pour Flûte, Alto, et Harpe by Durand et Cie, this seminal work in the chamber music literature has been meticulously compared, contrasted, and corrected against Debussy’s handwritten autograph manuscript. Using photographs provided by the National Library of France, harpist Carl Swanson has documented and corrected nearly 300 discrepancies between the composer’s intent and the Durand 1916 edition.

The corrections made in this edition consist of musical indications that were omitted, misplaced, or incorrect: dynamic markings that are in the manuscript but not the printed version have been added, wrong and misaligned notes, discrepancies between the full score and the individual parts, and intended durations of dynamic and tempo changes have all been corrected.

Debussy was one of the first composers to make extensive use of musical indications and was extremely meticulous in his scores. To read a score of his with missing, misplaced, or wrong directions is as significant as reading a score with missing or incorrect notes. Now, for the first time in history, Debussy’s Sonate pour Flûte, Alto, et Harpe has been printed exactly as the composer intended.


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The full score (what the harpist plays from) and individual flute and viola parts, all measuring 9 X 12 inches (23 X 30.5 cm). Includes a Preface explaining the source material and the nature of the corrections in this edition, an Early History of the Sonate, a Glossary of unfamiliar terms found in the music, and Footnotes to the full score, explaining some of the more significant differences from previous editions, and important performance information never before published.

Price for all three parts:
USD (includes shipping for United States)
$51.00 USD (includes shipping for Canada & Overseas)

The full score (what the harpist plays from) in a larger format of 11 X 14 inches (28 X 35 cm) with a spiral binding. Flute and viola parts measure 9 X 12 inches (23 X 30.5 cm).

Price for large format edition:
$44.00 USD
(includes shipping for United States)
$55.00 USD (includes shipping for Canada & Overseas)

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