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Debussy’s Danses sacrée et profane
Debussy’s Sonate pour Flûte, Alto, et Harpe
Bochsa Revisited (Lever and Pedal Harp)
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Carl Swanson started Swanson Harp Company because he wanted to build high performance concert grand harps using tried and true methods from the Golden Age of harp building.

He feels strongly that these older methods, perfected over 100 years ago, create a harp superior to those fabricated by many other manufacturing companies that use mass production techniques. Carl Swanson incorporates technological innovations only to enhance a harp’s sound and maintenance-free life, never to cut costs. Craftsmanship and good design are the reasons why Swanson harps are much closer to harps built in 1900 than to any harps built today.

With the purchase of a Swanson harp, you will have an instrument that is unusually comfortable to play, light in weight, with a big, even sound over its whole range.

What Harpists love about Swanson harps:
• The light weight and perfect balance
• The distinctive look and beautiful finish
• The smooth, easy pedal motion
• The big, clear sound
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